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I have been a patient of Dr. Nanda for a few years. He is very professional! For  the surgeries that I have had with him - He's the Best. His Staff is just wonderful. Great team!!  JP

Dr. Nanda is very nice and he did a great job on my gum surgery. My sugar levels have also dropped after my treatment with him.

I have been visiting Dr. Nanda for over three years and my teeth are now better than ever.
I went through several periodontal procedures and Dr. Nanda has been extremely knowledgeable and skillful.
I have learned how to properly take care of my dental health including regular proxabrushing and flossing and Dawn has been so very helpful and professional.
Mimi always makes sure to remind me of my appointment, ahead of time, and is very pleasant if I need to change my schedule.
No one wishes to undergo periodontal treatments. But if it is necessary, Dr. Nanda and Staff are the best.

Outstanding A+++ service. Extremely knowledgeable.

I didn't really realize that I had a problem with my gums until a few years ago. It was very frustrating because I felt that I'd taken good care of my teeth. Dr. Nanda explained that my age and dental work contributed to my problems. After several treatments, my gums are in good shape and I've learned to be even more diligent about taking care of my teeth.

Dr. Nanda & staff have been effective in dealing with my periodontal issues. The staff is always flexible in scheduling. Dr. Nanda is straight forward about the treatment options and works quickly to implement the chosen course of treatment.

As I start out on a new adventure, I would like to say thank you for the years of excellent care you provided me. Not only are all of you very professional, but you are kind and compassionate. You made me feel comfortable and that I was your only patient. When I expressed fear or concern you were never too buy to listen and comfort me, or call and check on me, compassion was in your voices, and that meant a lot.

So thank you again for your dedication and making my experience at New England Periodontics pleasant.

The doctor was very good helping with getting my problem better. I really know he knows what he is doing. I thank him very much for the kindness and professionalism. I wouldn't want to go to any other periodontist.

I haven't' been to a dentist or periodontist for many years. I was over due for more work on my teeth. Dr Nanda understood I needed small amount of time only on each session because of my anxiety. The setting I was in was very comfortable due to soothing music.

It relaxed me all the more. The staff and Dr Nanda lessened my fear as I went through this experience. I am very grateful for having this great team of professionals.

Dr. Nanda and his staff have treated my problems for over two years. The treatment and people have been excellent. I had no problems after very complicated procedures. I would recommend Dr. Nanda to everybody in need of periodontic services.

Treatment with Dr. Nanda was quite extensive and involved several surgeries that included deep cleaning (periodontal scaling and root planing) to remove periodontal disease, also bone grafts and barrier treatments to restore bone lost to periodontal disease.

All of these procedures were carried out quickly and efficiently with no pain either during the procedures or afterwards during healing. Healing was quick and without complications. Treatments used seemed to be very much up to date and state of the art and produced excellent results.
I found Dr Nanda and his staff to be helpful friendly and efficient. I was made to feel welcome and relaxed during my visits and all procedures were clearly explained.

My experience with Dr. Nanda and staff has been wonderful - a very caring group of people who go out of their way to put one at ease. Thank you for your caring, gentle service.

I am writing to exclaim my personal satisfaction with the work you recently did on my gums. I had researched quite a few Periodontal practices, I went for consults, called my regular dentist and my orthodontist and narrowed the list down.

In the end l chose your office as you stated that I would not leave with “pizza bum" and that you utilized genetically engineered tissue and I would have little if any pain.
I appeared at your office on the agreed day and was greeted to a pristine office area and you waiting at the door to introduce yourself I thought that was very professional. We proceeded to the pleasantly decorated room and you got me settled and comfortable. You and your assistant Dawn explained the entire procedure again and you began.

I remember that you kept asking me if I was all right and kept doing so through the entire procedure.  I left thinking, that was not so bad and I will follow his alter-care instructions to the letter. I did not require ANY pain medications and only used the mouth rinse and the Amoxicillin. I brought the rest all back to my pharmacy. I returned two weeks later to have the sutures removed and was shocked to hear that the new tissue was already growing into my existing tissue.
I would not hesitate to come again and hope that anyone who is considering his procedure to utilize your practice.
With sincere thanks,

I am happy to say I have been seeing Dr. Nanda for 1 year and he has been a very good doctor.
My main problems very periodontal disease. So he worked on that and my gums have been much better.
I also have diabetes and this has got very much better. My doctor says I am doing very much better. So the periodontal work has helped this also. I used to test my blood twice a day. My doctor now says I am only to test my blood once a day.

My teenage son was referred to Dr. Nanda by his orthodontist, who said he was the only periodontist she trusted in all of New Hampshire. Now we know why! Dr. Nanda is a wise and skilled surgeon who also has a wonderful way with his patients - even shy scared stubborn teenagers! My son's surgery went wonderfully and Dr. Nanda and his staff have been able to work miracles with my son's dental hygiene (something many other dental professionals had tried unsuccessfully for years). As a mother, I am so grateful for the change in my son's oral health and relieved to feel like we are succeeding rather than failing - for the first time ever.

My first visit to Dr. Nanda was oral surgery. I was very nervous, but he made me feel at easy going through out "surgery".
Dr. Nanda is very professional. The staff are very friendly and caring.

When the dentist told me I needed gum surgery, I panicked and was afraid of the pain involved. He recommended Dr. Nanda. I went in, met his staff, then Dr. Nanda. I was literally shaking.

I cannot praise Dr. Nanda enough. There was NO PAIN, he explained in detail, while doing the surgery, what he was doing, what was happening, and for me, it was FANTASTIC.

The before and after care that I got from his staff was totally awesome. My fear was gone, my gums look great, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. NANDA AND HIS OFFICE STAFF.

The customized night guard you created for me has significantly improved my quality of life. I no longer have intense pain or headaches due to grinding teeth.
Dr. Nanda & staff are empathetic. When a patient is experiencing pain, they use techniques like massaging the jaw and instructing me about the pressure points that help minimize pain. They are exceptional in explaining procedures in depth and answering any questions a patient might have.

Having put off gum surgery, I thought I could maintain my gum disease by regular cleanings at 3 month intervals with the dentist. Unfortunately, I did not heed the advice to quit smoking!

My examination appointment with Dr. Nanda and his staff proved my gum situation was serious. The gum infection had reached the point where it became clear that surgery was the only option. Dr. Nanda was considerate and compassionate to my fears and through his knowledge and caring, along with his patience, explained the procedure thoroughly, his calmness about it put me at ease. Surgery was done just as he described.

It's been 3 months since surgery. This time I have quit smoking and have followed a regiment in my home care. All has paid off! My gums are now healthy, my glucose levels have lowered (I have diabetes) largely due to healthy gums.

My first visit to Dr. Nanda's office was not what I wanted to hear. I was in real pain and not knowing what was the cause. With so many visits to so many dentists, I felt Dr. Nanda was the only one that could really identify with what was going on with me. At the time, He truly listened. I received the deep cleaning and also the surgery, which I needed. I am now pain free thanks to a doctor I can really trust. His staff was so very helpful and very pleasant.
MY experience was what I wrote above and my results are very good. I felt a little discomfort but that will all pass during the healing process. I give Dr. Nanda & his staff two thumbs up. He is an excellent, kind man and doctor.

I liked his professional manner; competence and friendliness. I admired his ability and accomplishments.

Like most people, going to a dentist is not my favorite thing to do. Dr. Nanda was recommended to me by a relative and I have been very glad that I made the choice to go to him for the dental procedures that I badly needed. I was very apprehensive and nervous, but after talking with Dr. Nanda, I felt reassured.
I believe that Dr. Nanda is an excellent dentist, but besides his professional expertise, he has a kind and gentle manner and imparts a sincere care for his patients’ well being and comfort. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing and the staff and assistants are most helpful also. I would highly recommend Dr. Nanda to anyone needing Periodontics or Dental Implants.

I had mixed emotions as to having or not having periodontal surgery. After reading and visiting web sites on Periodontal Disease, I found it would indeed have a negative impact on my future health if I did not have it done. I then decided to go through with the procedure. It was suggested that I contact Dr. Nanda, his expertise in this field was highly recommended. I am very satisfied with his knowledge, experience and the positive outcome of my surgery. I also want to express my gratitude to his staff. The receptionist and Dr. Nanda's assistant both were well trained and made my visits comfortable throughout the various appointments.

Everyone is courteous, concerned, professional and non-judgmental. Dr. Nanda is a straight shooter who will answer all your questions and give good advice. Do what he tells you and you will be healthier and feel better.
I've been a patient since 2005.

I am satisfied with Dr. Nanda's service. He is a caring doctor. If there are any small (concerns) after (treatment), he will address them for you. The office appointment was very punctual and on time, with very little delay.

Very satisfied - I moved to Nashua in 2001 and needed to find a new dentist. I felt that [the] cleaning was more time consuming with greater results than others. I felt the difference. He's on top of everything to save my teeth.
Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my mouth. I am a Diabetic and have been trying to control my diabetes through weight management for years now. However, Dr. Nanda required that I have a Blood Sugar test before surgery, Boy am I glad he did. My blood sugar was 367. The infection I had was causing my blood sugar to go sky high. Now after surgery, my Blood Sugar has been in the low 90’s in the morning and no higher than 115 at night. I feel Great.
The surgery I had was all worth it.
Thank you very much,

For the past ten years I have received excellent periodontal care from New England Periodontics. My initial periodontics surgery was quite extensive, however the healing and recovery were swift and without much discomfort of any kind. Regular scheduled follow up visits and care with Dr. Nanda have helped me retain good oral health. The instruction, concern and care given by the staff have helped and encouraged me to do my best to maintain and continue a healthy lifestyle.

Not sure if I can adequately describe my appreciation of Dr. Nanda and staff's services, but I'll try.
First off, if you're referred to Dr. Nanda, you need help. In my case, my two remaining anchor teeth were deteriorating, and when they were gone, I'd be dipping my teeth in a glass jar for the rest of my life (which both of my parents had to do).

He kindly but firmly put me on a cleaning regimen to reduce any further build-ups or deterioration. He then performed relatively painless surgery to help me gain access to those teeth for cleaning purposes. Following that, he monitored my cleaning results for a number of months. I so wanted to please him that prior to every visit to Dr. Nanda, I would first go home to give all my teeth that final brush-up cleaning. On one of my visits he asked how I was doing in general health. I told him that getting old wasn't all that great. I mentioned that I'd lost most of the hearing in one ear, but what really drove me "batty" was the constant ringing in that ear. He examined me again and determined that grating of teeth at night could cause that ringing. He then prescribed a night guard that over a period of months eliminated the ringing and improved my hearing. You can't imagine what a relief that was. As I told him, I didn't think dental docs knew anything about ears, he did!

In closing, let me add a note about his support staff. they keep pace with your insurance coverage such that you will maximize the insurance payout. In my case, they scheduled my appointments to make sure I would pay only the minimum amount.

I'm sure you will find Dr. Nanda to be the expert periodontist he is. On a personal note, you quickly realize that he really cares for your personal well-being. Just a nice guy and a great doc!

Service Great.
Staffing, easy to work with.
Never had to wait long.
Clean area.
Dr. Nanda also tells you about what he is doing and always has time for questions.
Mimi is a great person.
Staff is warm and friendly always.
Easy to find office. Eight off highway.
Office peaceful looking.

I would not trust any other periodontist with my teeth. Dr. Nanda is thorough, kind, caring and very professional. He is very knowledgeable and always seeking out new techniques to keep his clients teeth healthy and ways to enhance his knowledge and expertise.

This is why I drive 3-4 hours round trip to have Dr. Nanda take care of my teeth!


It has been a great partnership in handling my dental problem working closely with Dr. Nanda. He is very positive and dedicated in the long journey which will continue to keep the teeth in good shape.

Thank you Dr. Nanda.



"I met Dr. Nanda and his staff in November of 2013. I had been searching for a doctor that could help me with my Sleep Apnea. I read about the oral appliance, looked up doctors in my area. Dr. Nanda's name was on the list. I immediately made an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, Dr. Nanda and his staff made me feel at ease. He found I had deep periodontal pockets (periodontal disease), and explained he needed to correct this issue before moving forward with my Sleep Apnea Appliance.

After minor surgery (no pain at all) and multiple cleanings, my gums were healthy and ready for my appliance. I did a sleep study at home, and from the results, I definitely had sleep apnea. I had symptoms, ie. difficulty staying awake at work, waking up multiple times during the night and just being lethargic. Dr. Nanda took measurements, explained the procedure, and sent the information to the lab. When the appliance came back, Dr. Nanda fitted it to my mouth, explaining that small adjustments would have to be made periodically. From the first night using this appliance, I've slept great and wake up feeling refreshed and loaded with energy. With the help of Dr. Nanda and his staff, I am a new person. This has truly changed my life. I not only have healthy gums, but no more sleep apnea.

I highly recommend Dr. Nanda as a Periodontist and Sleep Apnea Specialist, along with his Staff."


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